What is the difference between a letting agent and a block managing agent?

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By Alan Draper | Dec 2021

So what is the difference between a letting agent and a block managing agent?

In short, a lettings agent deals with everything INSIDE a flat and a block managing agent everything OUTSIDE the flat.

Whilst this simplistic separation suggests the roles are independent, letting agents and block managing agents that are pro-active in terms of working together deliver a far more effective service for their clients.

Nicholas Jones, of Nicholas Jones Residential explains why. “Understanding where the responsibilities of both the block managing agent and the letting agent lie enables us to resolve day to day management issues more effectively. This keeps tenants happy leading to fewer void periods and problematic issues, that if left, could cause potential damage to a property, especially common problems like water leaks.”

“Pro-active involvement with the block managing agent ensures that our tenants do not breach the provisions of the lease which our landlords would be held accountable for.”

Alan Draper of Common Ground Estate & Property Management encourages this approach. “Common Ground’s portal system provides letting agents with the ability to report issues with the block and/or their property. It also allows them to register tenants and landlords on the system which helps tenants integrate into the community. Pro-active letting agents will be aware of the restrictive covenants that can form part of a lease and also better understand practical issues such as where parking spaces are and where waste bins are located. It never ceases to amaze me how often some lettings agents fail to pass this information on.”

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