Transparent property management for estates and blocks

Are you looking for help with managing a leasehold property?

Since 2008, we've been specialising in estate and block management across Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, West London and Surrey.
Our Commitment to Financial Transparency and Your Peace of Mind

We go beyond the minimum requirements of Section 21 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. At Common Ground, we provide resident management company directors and freeholders with 24/7 access to our online accounts system, giving them full inspection of the accounts at any time.

This ensures there are no nasty surprises after year end.

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Our partners for your peace of mind

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Our services

Estate and Block Management

We'll take the stress out of property ownership by ensuring that the day to day running of each estate or block is managed professionally, cost effectively and to your specific requirements.
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Legal Services

Our legal team can offer the right to manage, co-ordination of freehold purchases and mediation cases as well as producing the legal packs often required when a property transfers.
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Services for Property Developers

We can work with ethical property developers at the start of a new build to ensure the design, construction and legal framework create the lowest possible service charge.
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We offer consultancy services to self-managed leasehold estates and blocks, and property developers.
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Why Common Ground?

Estate and block management

A professionally maintained estate will add value to your property and foster positive relationships with your neighbours.

Enjoy stress-free, cost-effective property ownership…

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An extensive Leasehold Library

Leasehold law in the UK is archaic and overly complicated but we’ve published a range of jargon free articles on all leasehold matters.

Say goodbye to struggling through complicated leasehold language…

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Management tracking portal

Our unique portal system allows tenants, leaseholders, RMC directors, letting agents, developers and freeholders to track progress of news, events and maintenance 24/7.

Now you can check progress at any time of the day…

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Alan Draper
“Having been a leaseholder myself, I understand the frustration of not being able to find a managing agent that provides the level of service that you need.”

Alan Draper FIRPM AssocRICS
Managing Director

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New clients
Would you like to discuss our services in more detail? Looking for greater financial transparency? We’d be happy to hear from you. Call us on 01491 525 940 or drop us a message…
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Existing clients
Our portal is the best way to communicate with us regarding your property. It offers convenient access to important information about your property and allows you to report any issues you may have.
Customer portal
“Having experienced a block managing agent that seemed to have no control over spending, it's refreshing to work with a managing agent that is 100% transparent. Their portal system enables tracking of maintenance tasks and their use of the Xero accounts systems means that directors can keep track of all expenditure. Highly recommneded.
I very highly recommend Common Ground. Their conscientious team is highly professional, experienced and efficient, which is extremely reassuring to Directors and responsible owners of properties. They are pro-active, helping to plan ahead and to anticipate problems, which they can deal with firmly but sensitively. They are a pleasure to work with.
We moved to Common Ground from one of the large national agents. The list of maintenance items that required attention was growing longer and longer as we were moved from one property manager to the next. Common Ground stood out from the day the MD came to assess the site and fixed two of the outstanding maintenance items during that visit. Common Ground worked through the maintenance items which we were able to track through their portal system. It’s also been a pleasure to have the same property manager and accountant throughout. The continuity is important, so it is good to work with an agent that retains its staff.
Our relatively small development was rescued by Common Ground after a disastrous initial situation caused by the inefficiency of the managing agents appointed by the developer. After examining the situation Common Ground came up with a first rate transparent management system which gave directors full and instant access to accounts and other matters, such as legal advice and rights of leaseholders. They make managing easy for directors and attend to everyday problems promptly.

Latest insights from our Leasehold Library

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Form a Recognised Tenants Association

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Areas we serve

Common Ground provides regular site visits and surveys conducted by experienced property managers, which help to address small maintenance jobs and identify potential problems before they escalate. Our in-house maintenance team can quickly address small jobs, or they can be outsourced to preferred contractors.

To fulfil our commitment to regular site visits, we only manage properties within one hour’s drive of our offices in Oxford, Ealing, and Henley-on-Thames. This allows us to quickly respond to maintenance issues with local contractors, resulting in shorter response times and cost savings.