I want an electric vehicle but I live in a flat?

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By Alan Draper | Sep 2022

Retro-fitting electric vehicle charging infrastructure into blocks of flats is a complex issue. This article is designed to fulfil the needs of those who require a simple overview or who wish to explore the issues in-depth. Such is the complexity that Common Ground has partnered with EV Solutions Group to manage all Electrical Vehicle charging infrasturcture requirements at its customer sites.

The one page summary

EV Solutions Group has produced a very helpful one page summary including a flow chart of the steps that need to be taken to get EV charging infrastructure into your development and it can be downloaded here

The in-depth article

For a more comprehensive we recommend reading Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in Communal Living Environments published by the Institute of Residential Property Management in May 2022.  You can obtain a copy from https://www.irpm.org.uk/news-articles/irpm-think-piece-ev-charging-infrastructure/

If you are considering installing an electric vehicle charger at a leasehold development, we recommend contacting EV Solutions Group, specialists in retro-fitting EV infrastructure into leasehold developments. Please visit evsolutionsgroup.co.uk for further information.

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