Fairfield Place Management Co

26-60 Fairfield Place, Uxbridge, UB8 1AL

18 Units
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Block Management services in Uxbridge

18 leasehold flats in Uxbridge.

Contact for Fairfield Place Management Co
Your Common Ground contact for Fairfield Place Management Co:
Cheryl George
Property Manager
T 01491 525 942
T cheryl.george@commongroundestates.co.uk

Our services

Estate and Block Management

We'll take the stress out of property ownership by ensuring that the day to day running of each estate or block is managed professionally, cost effectively and to your specific requirements.
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Legal Services

Our legal team can offer the right to manage, co-ordination of freehold purchases and mediation cases as well as producing the legal packs often required when a property transfers.
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Services for Property Developers

We can work with ethical property developers at the start of a new build to ensure the design, construction and legal framework create the lowest possible service charge.
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We offer consultancy services to self-managed leasehold estates and blocks, and property developers.
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